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Dear Sir/Madam,

The last couple of months were dedicated to revitalization. In a branch where innovation is pivotal, the appointment of a new CEO is an excellent opportunity for a breath of fresh air. Change where the core values of Tripolis are kept intact, but where revitalization plays a central role.

Of course, with a breath of fresh air comes a new look. On the completely renewed website you can find all the product information of our Tripolis Software, but also exciting client cases and the last news on email and social marketing.

You can find the renovated website here.

Not only the website has been revamped, but also our newsletter has been given a completely new look and feel. With this new layout and refreshing content we will be able to keep you up-to-date on the developments around Tripolis, our partners and email marketing.

Kind regards,

Bas Kuntz

Foto van Bas Kuntz
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Campaign of the month - Toyota COFFEE case
Requesting a test ride is a big step in the process of purchasing a car. Because consumers like to first orient themselves before they take such a step, we have used this preference during this COFFEE campaign. Various mailings have been sent in ‘small steps’.
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Column of the Month - Gerrit van Leeuwen
Once and for all, I would like dispel a number of myths about email marketing that are still hanging around. These myths make sure that we are inadvertently prevented from getting the most out of the channel.
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Feature of the month - Aggregated Transactional Email Reporting
In the REPORTS module we have added a separate section for aggregated reports on transactional emails. It is now possible to create a filter for one specific email or edition and directly create an aggregated report for all mails with that email/edition within a given time range.
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Tips and tricks for an effective direct e-mail - Brendan Brouwer

Not only does the design of your email play an important part in the achievement of positive results, but the text and formulation are also important. Below are a few tips. In addition to these tips, you should also take into account the rule of using little text in e-mails.

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