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Wednesday, 23 May 2018 Nederlands | English  
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Dear eblhxps,

Starting next month, the latest Tripolis Dialogue (3.17) release will be available. One of the important trends that Tripolis responds to in this version is making data more understandable. A good example of this is the new home dashboard, where you can make use of ‘widgets’. You can add, delete and set up widgets entirely according to your own preferences. Gaining insight and taking the appropriate actions become easier by displaying the data in the widgets in a clear and personalized manner.
Joost Nienhuis – CEO
With kind regards,
Joost Nienhuis
CEO Tripolis Solutions
Privacy policy security check
Privacy policy security check
Tripolis Solutions has successfully completed the Privacy Policy Security Check. Her organizational information security is accredited with the security label Gold.
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Where Should You Focus Your Testing Efforts?
Where Should You Focus Your Testing Efforts?
Between buggy support for HTML and CSS, spelling errors, bad links, missing images, and other potential blunders, it’s crucial to test your email campaigns before every single send.
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Column of the month
Column of the month
When we started with Ematters in 2007, email marketing was still a straightforward business. You took a flat database and a design and you took care of optimal deliverability.
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Campaign of the month - Velux

With a Neuromail, OMG applies neurological and psychological elements to both the text and the design of the email. Behind each element is an idea that is based on neurological and psychological research
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Feature of the month
The old Home dashboard has been replaced by a fully customizable dashboard that uses widgets. Users can add, remove and customize widgets to build a fully personalized dashboard.
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