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At Tripolis, we are constantly working to improve and update our products. In the “feature of the month” you can read that, in addition to our existing SOAP API, we have created a Restful API that we will roll out in the coming weeks. This will enable developers to implement an integration with Tripolis Dialogue even faster and easier.

We have also developed a new version of our SMTP service, which we call SMTP+. This is an advanced transaction-based delivery service for e-mail where tracking and authentication are an integrated part of the service. It is now possible to obtain an even better understanding of the behavior of recipients.

If you have any questions about these new services, please contact our support department.

Kind regards,

Bas Kuntz

Foto van Bas Kuntz
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Feature of the month - Restful API
In addition to our existing SOAP API service (API 2.0) we have created a Restful API (API 3.0). 
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