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Wednesday, 23 May 2018 Nederlands | English  
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Dear eblhxps,

In the case for this month that was sent in by our partner Doornvogel, you can see an example of how you can use Pixylon. Pixylon is a tool for marketers to easily create dynamic images themselves and thereby develop their own dynamic emails.

Thinking of your users experience could be the key to conversion. Load times for email and websites can be more than irritating, they can lead to lost revenue… So what can we do about it? You can read all about it in the column of this month.
Joost Nienhuis – CEO
With kind regards,
Joost Nienhuis
CEO Tripolis Solutions
Google launches 'Inbox'
Google launches 'Inbox'
The team of Google's Gmail has launched a new email service called Inbox which focuses on prioritizing, arrange and report all your messages in Google.
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Email and content
Email and content
Email marketers have largely missed out on the opportunities presented by content marketing. Here are five ways to build a successful marriage between email and content.
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Column of the month
Column of the month
More attention to the experience of your users can provide more conversion, however, it may also mean missing out on revenue. Read the solution here.
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Campaign of the Month (Dutch for 'doing fun stuff') is our independent site for unusual outings. The key question these days is no longer 'What do I feel like doing?' but 'Who's going to tell me where the fun is at'?
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Feature of the month
Bulk Upload Images
The bulk upload feature allows users to upload multiple images at once using drag and drop, or by selecting multiple images from a folder by clicking on the drag and drop area.
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