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Saturday, 23 March 2019 Nederlands | English  
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Dear eblhxps,

For Tripolis Solutions the next months are characterized by various national and international events. For instance, early next month, on May 4 and 5, we will be present at Collision in Las Vegas. On June 11 and 12 you can find us at the APCSC in Hong Kong. Moreover, we are a ‘friend’ of the DDMA EMAIL SUMMIT in Amsterdam on June 18. And on September 16 and 17 we will be present at the Dmexco in Cologne, as we are every year. We are happy to meet you at one of these events
Joost Nienhuis – CEO
With kind regards,
Joost Nienhuis
CEO Tripolis Solutions
Eurocamp wins IAC award
Eurocamp wins IAC award
The case of Eurocamp has won in collaboration with Ematters the Internet Advertising Competition Award 2015. The campaign brought an enormous amount of traffic to the website during the campaign period. 
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The future of email design?
The future of email design?
A lot has been said about email design being stuck in the past. Designers tackling their first projects bemoan the use of tables and inline styles. Marketers plotting out their first campaigns refuse to think beyond the batch-and-blast mentality.
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Column of the month
Column of the month
Emailing more relevantly, that's all we can talk about. But the practicalities leave something to be desired. The problem is not so much in the systems or in inventing the next email.
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Campaign of the month
Vodafone's vision is that mobile technology has a great influence on the way in which people live and work. We have summarized this together with Vodafone and our partner Oxyma in a nice new case
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Feature of the month
Reporting based on link tags and devices.
In the reporting we have taken the tags a step further so you can now see the clicks in the reporting based on tags as well as URL’s.
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