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In this month's campaign you can read how Manpower has used email campaigns to improve the effectiveness of their telemarketing and increase customer involvement. And the email campaigns have been further improved based on customer feedback. So there is a definite synergy between the two channels, telemarketing and email marketing. Email marketing is now a permanent part of Manpower’s communications strategy.

With Tripolis Pixylon, Tripolis Solutions has put the next generation of real-time, dynamic email marketing software on the map. With the help of Pixylon, email campaigns are fed content in real-time and dynamically. In the Feature of the Month, you can read more about Pixylon and how you can use real-time email marketing in your organization. 

Tripolis has tested Pixylon successfully for years and has continued to develop it as part of our email marketing services. Due to numerous requests, Pixylon can also now be used on top of other ESPs. Care to know more about this? Just contact us and we will gladly show you more of the possibilities of Pixylon.

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Campaign of the month - Manpower
For Manpower, telemarketing is a valuable channel that they want to reinforce with email marketing. They are going to use email campaigns to inform prospects about candidates in their database. By so doing, they can make client contact even more effective and relevant.
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Column of the Month - Lauri Maréchal
Summer vacation is almost upon us or has already begun in some areas. Booming business for the beach club owner and the ice cream seller, but generally a bit less exciting for a regular business. This period is seen by many organizations as very quiet, and marketing activities are often put on the back burner.
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Feature of the month - Pixylon
Tripolis Solutions revolutionizes the world of e-mail marketing with the introduction of Tripolis Pixylon, the next generation of real-time and dynamic e-mail software. Pixylon makes e-mail personal and relevant. It tailors e-mail and its images to the time, location and device it’s being read on. Previously, the moment of launching an e-mail marketing campaign was the deciding factor for its content. With Pixylon, the moment of opening (or reading) its decisive. Pixylon measures the preferences of the user and delivers relevant content accordingly.
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